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The latest single to come ahead of Jazzanova’s much an- ticipated full length The Pool is the brilliantly loose and upbeat jam, ‘No.9’ featuring KPTN.

KPTN is the latest solo project by Dennis Neuer, singer of Berlin-based producer collective Champyons. Just like Jazzanova themselves, Champyons deal in r&b, pop and electronic music and mix up real song writing and musi- cianship with smart sampling. As such this is a perfect coming together of musical minds and it results in an essential new single.
With live hip hop drums and a sunny lead synth line, the flute laced groove immediately gets you on your toes. Lively chords add colour and KPTN’s vocals are delivered with precision and a real air of cool. He muses on the divide between the haves and the have not as he crashes a party where he feels he doesn’t belong. Politically char- ged lines like „Three story house in Brixton cost a lot” are interspersed with run-ins with a woman, “Met her twice: bathroom and reception” to make for a voyeuristic track doused in neo-soul that once again blurs the boundaries between multiple genres, live music and studio wizardry all with a real lyrical conscious.


released May 28, 2018

Written by Dennis Neuer & Stefan Leisering.

Dennis Neuer: vocals, bass, guitar, keys, additional production
Stefan Leisering: programming, synths
The Invisible T.S.I.R.F.: vocoder background vocals
Axel Reinemer: background vocal

Recorded, engineered, edited & mixed by Axel Reinemer at JRS - Jazzanova Recording Studio, Berlin. Produced by Jazzanova.

Published by Budde Music Publishing, Edition SK / Fondue Music, MusicLoversMusic Publishing, Copyright Control.

(P) 2018 Sonar Kollektiv


all rights reserved



Jazzanova Berlin, Germany

Jazzanova is many things to many different people. For more than fifteen years the eclectic collective from Berlin has been busy producing, composing, arranging, remixing, DJing and generally shaping our musical world – in the clubs, on the air, in the studio, live on stage, and with their label Sonar Kollektiv.
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Track Name: No.9 feat. KPTN
1 AM, a KPTN fine

Send the sisters to No. 9

(No. 9)


It’s not about hoping

It’s not about wishing, you see

When you’re losing out, you’re losing out…….

Now tell me where the drinks are

I’ve been roaming 2nd floor, ah

I’ve been checking 4th floor, ah

Sneaking in, with the head in - deuces!

Red Baywatch — still she a feminist

Pig tails, big t, here’s a chauvinist

Betting on Butler back at the seminar

Chief Kief and cheese but she gon’ take it all

Winter, coming

All the guys form the north they just keep mumbling

All the Mexican dolls which that they’d done him

Tories and tuition, a fortune worth nothing

1 AM, a KPTN fine

Send the sisters to No. 9

(No. 9)


Bring it up…

Send it up…


I couldn’t give less fucks, I give a lot

Three story house in Brixton cost a lot

Fund the funders, yeah, I’m not the Rawls type

I like my freedom just but just the wrong type

Met her twice: bathroom and reception

Having drinks over Michel and elections

Her head stuck in the ceiling

Traveling Myanmar, I guess she missed the meaning

Winter, coming

The guys from the north just had a run-in

All the Mexican dolls wish that they’d done him

Now it’s back to the gin and hopefully get it running

Now it’s three more stories to climb and make a hit

All you ever wanted but nah you never did

Pulling out like the Tories -

That’s another story….

(Charles Maus

Charles Maus)

(I’m up!)

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